The 230th Regular Meeting in English(2021/07/04)


Blog for the meeting on July 4th.

Heavy rain hit the city of Atami, Shizuoka prefecture and devastating mud and rock flew on the slope of the mountain. It not only destroyed houses but also swallowed residents. I hope missing people will be rescued as soon as possible.

 It used to drizzle in the rainy season before, but now it has changed to be intense probably due to global warming. We should be afraid of nature and coexist with nature not subduing it.

■           Today’s word: “attractive”

 “Having features or qualities that make something seem interesting and worth having.” At the beginning of the meeting, one member announces “today’s word”. Speakers can build up practical vocabulary by trying to use today’s word in their speeches.

■          Prepared Speech

A prepared speech is made based on the speech manual written by Toastmasters International. Speakers have to make a speech along with purposes in the manual such as “logical speech” and “effective way of speech”. The manual gives us specific advice.  Achieving the purposes step by step allows you to improve your speaking skill.

[1st Speaker: TM H] Speech Title: Join Me!

H-san told us about the goodness of climbing mountains. She raised three good points about climbing mountains; first, beautiful view at the summit, second, nothing is better than a rice ball at the top of the mountain, and third, hot spring makes you feel comfortable. We were able to imagine her being at the top of the mountain with a big smile.

[2nd Speaker: TM S] Speech Title: Too many cooks spoil the broth, but what if?

S-san was an only child, so was brought up with too much support from her parents. She appreciates their consideration but had difficulty taking leadership and spending her marriage life to get along with her husband. Toastmasters activities and the full-time job have changed her into being the person taking leadership. These experiences taught her that good listening was essential for team-building.

[3rd Speaker: TM Y] Speech Title: The fear of numbness

High blood pressure caused numbness in her arms. The fear of numbness made her change her mind to take care of her health. The doctor advised her to drink a lot of water to lower her blood pressure. I got a physical check recently. The report said there was high bad cholesterol in the blood. Her speech gave me effective suggestions too.

■           Table Topics Session

Table Topics is impromptu speech. A facilitator for Table Topics gives a title of speeches and assigns a speaker. The speaker have to organize his/her idea and make a two-minute-speech on the spot. Quick response ability can be improved through the Table Topics speech. 


  1. What are you going to do in your summer holiday?
  2. Has your life changed after the pandemic?
  3. Where would you like to visit in the future when this pandemic is ended?

■           Evaluation session

In the evaluation session, evaluators previously assigned describe good points and areas for improvement and encourage speakers to make more effective speeches. Evaluators have to listen to the speech carefully and are qualified to quickly analyze good points and areas for improvement quickly. Even if you are not an evaluator, evaluator-like-listening is a good training to be a good speaker.

■           Award session

The best speaker of each session, prepared speech, table topics, and evaluation, is chosen by all participants voting and is awarded for his/her best speak. Congratulations!