The 236th Regular Meeting in English(2021/10/03)


Blog for the meeting on October 3rd.

The 236th regular meeting of Fuchu Toastmasters club was held on 3rd October. Today, a new member has joined our club! Before the meeting, we held an induction ceremony and we greeted a new member M-san. We celebrated his success in Fuchu Toastmasters club.

■ Today’s word: “picturesque”

At the beginning of the meeting, one of participants announces “today’s word”. Speakers can build up practical vocabulary by trying to use today’s word in their speeches.

■ Prepared Speeches

A prepared speech is made based on the speech manual written by toast masters international. Speakers have to make a speech along purposes in the manual such as “logical speech” and “effective way of speech”. The manual gives us specific advices.  Achieving the purposes step by step allows you to improve your speaking skill.  

[1st Speaker: TM H] Speech Title: How do I keep up my motivation to learn English… 

TM H-san told about how does she keep up motivation to learn English. She said, the good way is “placing myself into environment where I can interact with other people who are already doing what I am doing”. So, she started to have conversation with one English speaker. After that, she came to know about that this person is famous YouTuber! She had a wonderful encounter.

[2nd Speaker: TM Y] Speech Title: Table Topics Master

TM Y-san challenged the project of “Active Listening”. In this speech, TM Y-san has been a facilitator for Table Topics, and gave a speech title and assigned the speaker. She chose the topics as titles associated with this season. For example, “your experience of traditional custom in autumn”, “your favorite food in autumn”, “your favorite art”, and “your favorite book.”

■ Table Topics Session

This is today’s second Table Topics, and the regular one. The speaker has to organize his/her idea and make a two-minute-speech on the spot. Quick response ability can be improved through the Table Topics speech. TM K-san, today’s Table topics master, has gave us speech topics as titles given below:             “your favorite book in your childhood”, and “if you try to write the book, what kind of book do you write?”


■ Evaluation session

In the evaluation session, evaluators previously assigned describe good points and areas for an improvement and encourage speakers to make more effective speeches. Evaluators have to listen to the speech carefully and are qualified the ability to analyze good points and areas for an improvement quickly. Even if you are not an evaluator, evaluator-like- listening is a good training to be a good speaker.   

■ Award session

The best speaker of each session, prepared speech, table topics and evaluation, is chosen by all participants voting and is awarded for his/her best speech. Congratulations!