The 238th Regular Meeting in English(2021/11/07)


Blog for the meeting on Nobember 7th.

Our Sergeant at Arms, TM T, well prepared the venue, so we held a fantastic and “admirable” hybrid meeting today.

There were 12 participants. 6 of them visited the venue, and the other members joined from their home by Zoom. Also, we had one TM guest from Fukuoka TMC and two Non-TM guests.

Fortunately, one of our guests expressed his thought about being our new member!!

■ Today’s word: “admirable”

Today’s word is the one word that every member tries to use to improve our practical vocabulary during the meeting.

TM M has introduced today’s word, “admirable,” which means deserving respect or approval.

I thought many members tried to use this word during the meeting.

■ Prepared Speeches

Prepared speeches are made based on Pathways’ learning paths created by Toastmasters International. Achieving the purposes of the speech project is the main target of the prepared speech. Today, we had two speakers.

[1st Speaker: TM T] Speech Title: I am learning communications

TM T gave us a speech related to his “communication styles.” He said he is not a good communicator, but everyone already knew he is one of the best communicators in our club.

He expressed a lot of admirable thoughts about communications.

[2nd Speaker: TM F] Speech Title: Healthy Dinner Life Project

She has been in a project to improve her husband’s health condition because his medical check result shows some trouble with his health. She made a solid effort to make a healthy dinner almost every day. Unfortunately, her project doesn’t work well for his husband at this moment. I hope it’ll be getting better.

■ Table Topics Session

Table topic session is an impromptu speech session. Speakers learn his/ her speech title on the spot and start making their speeches. Today, I was a Table Topic Master, and I gave five topics related to lifting the state of emergency as follows. And 2 of our members and 3 guests gave us their admirable impromptu speech. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

-What has been the biggest change in you after the state of emergency was lifted ?

-Do you want to visit a particular place after the state of emergency was lifted?

-Were there any changes in your work after the state of emergency was lifted? Tell us why?

-Were there any changes in your private activities on the weekend after the state of emergency was lifted?

-While under the state of emergency, did you experience any difficulties? 


■ Evaluation session

The Toastmaster club doesn’t have any coach or trainer, but we have a good learning environment to teach mutually.

Today TM S conducted an admirable evaluation session. TM K and TM L gave us an admirable evaluation for TM T and TM F. Each evaluator encourages speakers and gives them constructive advice to improve their speeches further.

■ Award session

The best speakers from Table Topics, prepared speeches, and evaluators are selected and awarded at the end of the meeting. Unfortunately, one prepared speaker and one evaluator were beyond their time, so they were disqualified.

Congratulations on today’s excellent speakers!