The 246th Regular Meeting in English(2022/03/06)


Blog for the meeting on March 6th.

Fuchu TMC held the 246th regular meeting on March 6th (Sun).

Thanks to the efforts of our efficient Vice President of Member TM KT, we are pleased that TM YD has joined our club as a new member.

And we welcomed one more restarted member TM RA!

Here you will learn many things, and many life lessons through your experiences as a Toastmasters. Please enjoy and cherish your time here!

■ Toastmaster of the Day

Toastmasters of the day was TM KM today. He is a former President and is now a happy Dad. I really appreciate that he came back to the role again.

■ Today’s word: “unpredictable”

At each meeting, you will learn how to use new words. At today’s meeting, TM KY chose the word “Unpredictable”.

The meaning is: not able to be known or declared in advance (unpredictable weather) or tending to behave in ways that cannot be predicted (an unpredictable boss).

I think it’s a very suitable word to use in the middle of a meeting.

■ Prepared Speeches

[1st Speaker: TM MT] Speech Title: Unexpected

He won the club speech contest in January. Now I’m convinced that he is already an excellent speaker. This time, he gave us the speech to practice in preparation for the Area contest on March 12th.

“Life is unexpected (unpredictable!).”

You need to be a fortune teller to see that coming…I thought so as I listened to his speech. Actually, I cried as I listened to it. Please do your best in the contest.

[2nd Speaker: TM TA] Speech Title: Introduce myself

I’m really happy to hear TM TA’s first speech as “Ice Breaker”. He joined our club last January. As you can see from the title, he introduced himself.

When I first met him, I thought he looked very serious and smart. In fact, I found that he was an engineer!

He needs to use English at work. This is one of the reasons why he joined our club.

Also, he has so many hobbies, for example, DIY, climbing mountains, and reading books. He even made the Gate Post of his own house!  And he also used the today’s word “unpredictable”.

■ Table Topics Session (Impromptu speeches)

Today’s Table Topics Master was TM RP, who came up with five topics related to early spring.

Q1: Do you like spring?  Tell us why or why not?

Q2: Do you think what the spring weather like?

Q3: In the cherry blossom viewing party, what do you think is better than flowers to you?

Q4 & 5: Where is your recommended cherry blossom viewing place?

Every member answered and made a very excellent speech. Thank you TM RP for your great control.

■ Evaluation session

The Toastmaster club doesn’t any coach or trainer. We have a good learning environment to teach mutually. TM KT, a great former President controlled as General Evaluator.

We have many rolls, such as Timer, Vote counter, Ah-counter, Grammarian (and Blog writer).

It will be a great opportunity to learn leadership. These roles were evaluated for each performance by General Evaluator.

Especially, three evaluators evaluated the prepared speakers’ speech to TM MK. Maybe this is the first time we’ve done such a thing. It was a great time.

■ Award session

The best speech award went to the TM TA for the prepared speech, TM KY for the table topics speech, and TM KM for the best evaluator.

Congratulations to all award winners!