The 250th Regular Meeting in English(2022/05/08)

特別プログラム(Special Events)

Blog for the meeting on May 8th.

The 250th regular meeting (English meeting) was held on May 08, 2022.

■ Speech Evaluation Workshop

This special meeting featured a workshop on English for Speech Evaluation. The agenda for the workshop was as follows:

  1. Expanding the range of expressions: We learned adjectives, verbs, nouns, adverbs, and grammatical usage (especially the subjunctive) that are useful when conducting evaluations.
  2. Finding useful expressions in evaluation videos: We watched several evaluation videos and picked up useful expressions.
  3. Finding useful expressions from Toastmasters materials: useful materials were introduced.
  4. Using expressions just learned: A demonstration speech was given and members gave short evaluations using the expressions they had just learned.


Thank you, TM. R.D. for organizing the informative, interesting and entertaining workshop!


The meeting included an induction ceremony for a new member, TM E.N. The meeting also included the election of incoming club officers starting in July 2022.