The 278th Regular Meeting in English(2023/07/02)


The weather was hot like midsummer. Fuchu TMC held No.278hot” English meeting with one guest.

The club’s new year has begun. The new club president made an impressive opening speech.

“I hope you all enjoy the meeting, and I want you to take many roles such as TMOD, general evaluator, of course prepared speech. Our club motto is “Let’s practice! It’s OK to make many mistakes. Let’s have fun together!” I’m so sure that it is the most important thing of Toastmasters club International.

■Today‘s word :‘’Frequently’’

The role of “Today’s word” supports and enhance members’ vocabulary. TM E.T chose “Frequently” as Today’s word.

■Prepared Speech session

The first speaker was TM S.M. He shared his thought of OPI test. He said he’s being nominated as candidate at work. I’ve never heard of the name of that English exam. I thought that there are many kinds of English tests in the world. Go for it, TM S.M!

The second speaker was TM T.M. He shared his experience traveling through the Netherlands and the Baltic States, showing many pictures. Through those pictures and his speech, I could feel the atmosphere of eastern Europe. It was an interesting and thought-provoking speech.

■Table Topic Session

Table Topics Speech is a style of instant speeches. The table topics master gives the audience a topic and assign a member as a speaker.
Today’s Table Topics Master, TM K.Y. gave us four topics as shown in below:

1.How much did you achieve your goal now in this year?
2.What has been your most memorable experience in the last six months?
3.Do you have any plans for your summer vacation?
4.What have you quit or start in the past six months?

■Evaluation session

In Evaluation Session, the evaluators pointed out strong points of the prepared speeches and gave suggestions to the prepared speakers to make the speeches better.

■Award session 

The best speakers from Table Topics, Evaluators and Prepared speakers re selected and awarded at the end of the meeting.
Today, all the members spoke within the allocated time. Those were BIG steps for the members. Time management is an important part of making a good speech.

Congratulations on today’s excellent speeches!