The 284th Regular Meeting in English(2023/10/01)


Recently, we have finally reached fall temperatures. The first meeting of October was held today.

A guest visited our club to see the meeting.
Today’s meeting was chaired by Ki-san, who actively ran for the position. He also made careful arrangements for the meeting.

■Today‘s word :‘’enrich’’

Mi-San suggested the above word. In Japanese, it means “yutaka-ni-suru” or “koujou-saseru”.
He used a PC to demonstrate the example he gave of “using digital media” to improve your presentation.

■Prepared Speech section

There were two speeches today.

・In the first speech, Ki-san introduced us to technological innovations, from Windows 95 onward to recent AI technologies such as CHATGPT and BING, which even non-specialists could understand.
During the Q&A session after the speech, he mentioned specific ways how he keeps himself informed of the latest technologies. The speech was very informative for the audience, but at the same time, it was very considerate to the audience.


・The second speech was by Ku-san, who presented information on cruise ships, which were a hot topic during the coronavirus spread.
It was an appropriate choice of topic for the current timing, now that the corona has settled down. Ku-san also used humor to tell a story about the personal impact associated with cruise ships. The speech was surprising in its development and kept the audience listening attentively.

■Table Topic Section

Today’s table topic was facilitated by Sa-san.
The table topic is an impromptu speech to which the participants think of a two-minute response on the spot and present it as a speech.
Today’s table topics consisted of 10 autumn-related topics. However, the contents of the topics were hidden, and the speaker had to choose one of the numbers from 1 to 10 to reveal the contents of the topic for the first time. The time to think of a speech was a little shorter than before. So, this style had a clear objective of improvisation. This idea made it more enjoyable for both the presenter and the speaker.

■Evaluation section

The evaluator gives good points and points for improvement for each speech. This is to help the speaker improve in the future.
The role of general evaluator provides evaluation comments for all roles throughout the meeting, including the evaluators. Today’s general evaluator, Su-san, was also a grammarian role, so he provided complimentary comments about himself. His bravado, confidence, and humor made this my personal favorite part of the meeting.