The 286th Regular Meeting in English(2023/11/05)


The 286th Regular Meeting in English (2023/11/05)


Even though its already November, there are still hot days. Will the season suddenly change from summer to winter?

A guest visited our club to see the meeting.
Today’s meeting was chaired by TM-san, she facilitated and managed the entire meeting well.


■Today’s word :‘’personally’’

HS-san suggested to use the word above.

This may make it easier to express your opinion.

■Prepared Speech section

There were three speeches today.

 ・In the first speech, TM-san introduced us what he leaned from investing in stocks. He explained there are systems unique to Japan, and he showed various examples.


・The second speech was by SM-san. He specifically explained how difficult Japanese is for English speakers to learn. Japanese is complex with many grammars and parts of speech. It’s very chaotic language for foreigners.


・The third speech was by TK-san. The movie of Narayama Bushi kou was very cruel and sad story. Because they have been made into movie several times and well known overseas. He told us that there are similar stories in some area of Japan.


■Table Topic Section

 Table topic master TA-san presented a unique quiz.

 The speaker looked a picture and explained the item without saying the item’s name.

 It was a good opportunity to use observation and vocabulary skills.

■Evaluation section

Evaluation is the core of the Toastmasters educational program.

The evaluators gave good points and points for improvement for each speech.

This is to help the speaker improve in the future.