The 288th Regular Meeting in English(2023/12/03)


The 288th Regular Meeting in English (2023/12/03)

Less than a month to go till Year 2024. The main street of Fuchu was jammed with people because the Road Race Tokyo was held in the same morning. We had 6 members on site, 3 members online, and welcomed two guests on site.

■Today’s word :‘’gravitate’’

SM-san introduced this word. Personally I’ve never used this word. The word means “to be interested in something.” In the meeting I was not able to use it, but I’ll try to use it in the future conversation.

■Prepared Speech section

There were two speeches today.

 ・In the first speech, FS-san explained about TOEIC test. This was a Level 4 elective speech, and the target of the project was conducting a QA session effectively. There were several questions about the text from the audience.

・The second speech was by KY-san. She talked about the CEATEC trade fair that she attended. She discussed the importance of cyber security system and role-play trainings using the system. She showed a short movie about the training. It was very interesting.

■Table Topic Section

Table topic master HS-san prepared the topic for the speakers with hypothesis questions. If you were to live another life…, or if you were reborn …. Speakers had very different ideas to each other. Five speakers presented their opinions on the spot.

■Evaluation section

Evaluation is the most important part of the meeting because the speakers can get constructive feedback from the evaluators. It is a good opportunity for speakers to improve their speeches.

The audience listen to the speeches and choose the best speech in each of the three sections.