The 296th Regular Meeting in English(2024/04/07)


The 296th Regular Meeting in English (7th/April/2024)

 Blog for the meeting on April 7th.Spring has come!![ Attendees ]   TMs : 9,     Guest : 1[ Site ]   Conference room 1A in Platz and online(Zoom and/or Slack) The TMOD, TM K. opened today’s session, explained TMOD’s roles.
And each role owners explained their roles.

Today’s word : “Keep going/moving forward”

TM M gave us the today’s word.
Today’s word “Keep going/moving forward” suggests like below.
Let’s live everyday constructively and not be dominated by regrets.

Prepared Speeches

[1st speaker : TM K] Speech Title : Idea on how to select TMOD effectively His speech structure was well organized. So, audience was able to understand the speech very well.
And he selected simple words and phrases.[2nd speaker : TM S] Speech Title : Virtual Exhibition He introduced his life as a painter. He has painted about 60 drawings so far.  It was amazing.
He showed us some examples of drawings. Painting quality was very high!!

■Table Topics Session

 Topic master TM N.  gave several topics and designated speaker gave a speech correspond to each topics.

[Topic 1 : Tell us about your first day as an new employee.] TM M. talked about his impression of the first day as an new employee during company joining ceremony.

[Topic 2: How different today’s new comers compared with you generation?]TM M. compared the relations between new comers and their bosses in current and her generations.

[Topic 3 : What was your experience about house moving?]TM M. shared his experiences about his house movings.

[Topic 4 : What was most impressive project?] G Y introduced his project about Halloween costume in his university.

[Topic 5 : What is your most impressive April fool in your life?] TM S.  expresses her opinion on lying.

■Evaluation Session

 The club does not have any teacher or instructor. But the club has very effective learning system to evaluate
and improve.
General evaluator, TM S. gave overall evaluation and ran the session. TM N. evaluated prepared speech by TM K.
TM M. evaluated prepared speech by TM S.
Each evaluator gave good points, and point could be improved or suggestion. Then each role owner reported the results according to their role.

■Award Session

 The best speaker award went to TM S. for the prepared speech.
The best table topic speaker award went to TM M.
And the best evaluator award went to TM N.
Congratulations to all winners!  I am waiting for your next speech. Finally, the guest gave us comments.

Next regular meeting is in Japanese, and will be held April 21st.Let’s practice!! It is OK to make mistakes!!