The 222nd Regular Meeting in English(2021/03/07)


We had the on line English meeting on March 7. So many members attended the English meeting in that day. Emergency situation declaration has been continued though, we keep learning speech!!

■           Today’s word:”incredible”

The purpose of “Word of the day” is to increase your vocabulary. Members should try to use this word as many times as possible in the meeting.
The word was “incredible “. TM:S picked up this word in the speech of Kamala harris , new vice president in the US. “incredible” is easy to use in your speech. So, many speakers used this word in the meeting. TM:S made a nice choice. It was a useful word.

■          Prepared Speech

Prepared Speech is a speech in accordance with manuals published by
Toastmasters International. A speaker shall speak a speech based on the
objectives on the manuals. In the meeting, we had two prepared speakers.

[1st Speaker: TM L-san] Speech Title: “What Is Your Dream?” 

The first speaker made a speech about dream in your life. She told us her dream so far and her career. The most impressive word about dream in your life in her speech was “ Don‘t think too much, just pay attention to your interests”. She told us she has no dream at present. But she is still young, I think she has much possibility in her life!!

[2nd Speaker: TM H-san] Speech Title: “The Freedom That Learning Languages Give Us”

The second speaker made a first speech and introduced herself. She just joined our club the other day. To my surprise, She was born and grown up in a foreign country, and she began to learn Japanese when she was an university student. It was awesome!! Because her Japanese is very fluent and sounds perfect!! Besides, her English is fluent too, what a great person joined our club!

■           Table Topics Session

Table Topics is a style of instant and impromptu speeches. The Table Topics master gives the audience a topic and assign a member as a speaker. The speaker MUST speak about the topic in two minutes. It’s a good practice to develop quick response skills. In this session, Table Topics master gave us four topics as shown in below,
・What is the incredible thing happened in your life?
・What is like the town you grew up in?
・What was the incredible dream you had recently?
・what is the tip of improving English speech?

Comment: Table topic master TM:T made several new topics on the spot, referring Today’s word “incredible” . I felt those all topics were suitable for you. Because they were not so difficult for beginners of English learner!

■           Evaluation session

In Evaluation session, the evaluators pointed out strong points of the
prepared speeches and gave suggestions to the prepared speakers to make the speeches better.

■           Award session

The best speakers from Table Topics, prepared speeches, and evaluators are selected and awarded at the end of the meeting. Today, some of the speakers are disqualified because they exceeded their speech time allocated for them. It reminds us that time management is also an important part of making a good speech.

Congratulations on today’s excellent speeches!