The 206th Regular Meeting in English(2020/08/02)


Blog for the meeting on 2nd August

206th regular meeting of Fuchu toast masters club was held on 2nd August.
The Sun finally came out after a long period of rainy days.
Today’s meeting was held online due to the coronavirus.
We have a guest from OITA-TMC today, we are happy to welcome her to join us in the meeting.

■           Today’s word:‘Slow or slowly’

At the beginning of the meeting, one of participants announces “today’s word”. Speakers can build up practical vocabulary by trying to use today’s word in their speeches. ‘Slow’ is a word that is important in our lives, but easily to be forgotten.

■           Prepared Speech Session

A prepared speech is made based on the speech manual written by toast masters international. Speakers have to make a speech along purposes in the manual such as “logical speech” and “effective way of speech”. The manual gives us specific advices.  Achieving the purposes step by step allows you to improve your speaking skill.

[1st Speaker: TM F-san] Speech Title: ” One of the reasons why I make a speech”

TM F-san told us the story of his father in the speech, which is quite moving.

His speech is full of love with his family, and it was very heart warming. When hearing his story with his father and son, and everyone was thinking the connection with family members as well.

The speech was great and meaningful.

[2nd Speaker: TM T-san] Speech Title: ” Comparison of the View of Marriage”

She told us a surprising news from her daughter in the speech, that her daughter was proposed. Congratulations! But she was shocked by the big news, because the vies of marriage were different with her daughter. But she tried to think it in a positive way, and try to accept it, although the feeling of losing her daughter is hard to compress. I was so moved by her honest with her feelings and courage to facing the big event in her life. .

[3rd Speaker: TM M-san] Speech Title: ” Introduce myself”

TM M-san introduced himself in his speech. This is his first speech in Pathways, Congratulations! He told us his history in Fuchu-TMC, why he joined the club and what he had learned and gained after many practices in the club. His speech was quite well prepared and easy to be understood. His speech reflected his personality, which I see honest and frankness with too much decorations.

■           Table Topics Session

Table Topics is impromptu speech. A facilitator for Table Topics gives a title of speeches and assigns a speaker.The speaker have to organize his/her idea and make a two-minute-speech on the spot. Quick response ability can be improved through the Table Topics speech. 

The titles were given below.

1  How are you going to spend this summer?

2  How do you keep yourself fit at home?                                          

3  Do you think going for a drink in a small group is OK under these circumstances?                

4  What will you be doing this time next year lifewise or workwise?                                       

■           Evaluation session

In the evaluation session, evaluators previously assigned describe good points and area for an improvement and encourage speakers to make more effective speeches. Evaluators have to listen to the speech carefully and are qualified the ability to analyze good points and area for an improvement quickly. Even if you are not evaluator, evaluator-like- listening is a good training to be a good speaker.

■           Award session

The best speaker of each session, prepared speech, table topics and evaluation, is chosen by all participants voting and is awarded for his/her best speak. Congratulations!