The 234th Regular Meeting in English(2021/09/05)


Blog for the meeting on September 5th.

Unfortunately, the weather was not so clear, however, 13 members and one guest joined the Zoom meeting.

It was a comfortable and enjoyable English meeting as usual. 

■ Today’s word: “splendid”

Today’s word is the one that every member tries to use to improve our practical vocabulary during the meeting.

TM F introduced today’s word, “ splendid” which means very impressive and beautiful.

I thought many members used this word during the meeting instead of using “very good.”

■ Prepared Speeches

Prepared speeches are made based on Pathways’ learning paths created by Toastmasters International. Achieving the purposes of the speech project is the main target of the prepared speech. Today, we had three speakers.

[1st Speaker: TM M] Speech Title: The 5th Anniversary of Fuchu Toastmasters Club

TM M delivered a social speech which cerebrates the 5th anniversary of our Club members.

She expressed a lot of “splendid” points of our club and her experience.

[2nd Speaker: TM K] Speech Title: Life is Never Static

TM K gave us an interesting topic related to her favorite movie, “The Two Popes”.

She introduced the different personalities of two people, the current pope and pope candidate. The dialogue between them is thought-provoking. Then we truly realized that “life is never static.”

[3rd Speaker: TM N] Speech Title: Insect Food

TM N explained the future difficulties of food shortage and one of countermeasures. That is “Insect food”. 

He introduced if we change our daily food from beef and pork to insects, our future will be brighter than we expect.

I won’t to eat any insect food, by the way.

■ Table Topics Session

Table Topics session is an impromptu speech session. Speakers learn his/ her speech title on the spot and start making their speeches. Today, I was a Table Topic Master, and I gave some topics related to our club and September. I gave 5 topics today, and 5 members gave us their splendid impromptu speeches. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

■ Evaluation session

In the evaluation session, speech evaluators describe today’s speakers’ good points and areas for improvement. Evaluators always encourage speakers and give them constructive advice to improve their speeches further. Evaluators had to work hard because they had to evaluate special types of speeches in today’s meeting.

■ Award session

The best speakers from Table Topics, prepared speeches, and evaluators are selected and awarded at the end of the meeting. 

Congratulations on today’s excellent speakers!