The 248th Regular Meeting in English(2022/04/03)


Blog for the meeting on April 3rd.

The 248th Fuchu Toastmasters Club Regular Meeting was held on April 3rd.

■ Toastmaster of the Day

Toastmasters of the day was TM Ma today. She is twice time TMOD in her history.

■ Today’s word: “quite”

At the beginning of the meeting, TM T announced the word “quite” today. The speaker can increase his vocabulary by trying to use the word in his speech.

■ Prepared Speeches

The prepared speech is a manual speech issued by Toastmasters International. At the meeting, there were two prepared speakers.

[1st Speaker: TM N] Speech Title: Master Scott

The first speaker gave a speech about his communication style in Jiu-Jitsu training. He was wearing his “DOUGI” and used the action, to explain the attraction of Jiu-Jitsu. Scott is one of the training members, he is not good at Japanese, so TM N spoke in English and tried to train with him. I felt his kindness and seriousness in his story.

[2nd Speaker: TM S] Speech Title: Laugh and then think

The second speaker gave a speech about the Ig Nobel Prize. She provided us two Japanese awards, “Speech Jammer” and “Banana Peel Slip”. I am interested in her scientific and humor speech. Especially, everyone would think that they want to use the speech jammer for.

■ Table Topics Session (Impromptu speeches)

The table topic master provides topics to the audience and assigns members as speakers. The master TM M provided the following topics with “Spring” as the main theme.

Q1: If spring can be expressed in 3 words.

Q2: What was the most memorable spring event?

Q3: What is your favorite way to spend a spring day?

Q4: What have you tried but never again?

TM-M sent us a message that spring is the season for the Toastmasters Contest.

■ Evaluation session

In the evaluation session, the evaluator pointed out the strengths of the prepared speech and made suggestions to the speakers prepared to improve the speech.

The Grammarian TM-A taught us the difference between “quite” and “quite a” in some examples.

■ Award session

At the end of the meeting, the best speakers selected and awarded from Table topics, prepared speeches, and evaluators.

Congratulations to the selected people.