The 218th Regular Meeting in English(2021/01/17)


This is the first Fuchu TMC meeting in 2021.
Have you made your New Year’s Resolution? If not, I strongly recommend that you do.
Every year, people make New Year’s resolutions. But especially this new year with COVID 19 around, we need something that motivate us while we have to stay home. TMOD’s goal for this year is “Exercise more” She suggests that we start with simple goals: lose weight, get organized, learn a new skill or hobby, save money, spend more time with family and friends etc.

■           Today’s word:”special”

“Someone or something that is special is better or more important than other people or things.”

At the beginning of the meeting, one of participants announces “today’s word”. Speakers can build up practical vocabulary by trying to use today’s word in their speeches. The word is a good choice for starting new year’s first meeting. Unfortunately, there were not many people who were able to use it in their speeches.

■          Prepared Speech

Prepared speeches are made based on Pathways’ learning paths created by Toastmasters International. Achieving the purposes on each project allows you to improve your speaking skills.
Today, we had three speakers.

[1st Speaker: TM T-san] Speech Title: “TT Master” 

In his speech, he played the Table Topics Master. The purpose of his project is active listening. He prepared timely topics such as how to spend long holidays or what this new year’s resolutions are. He assigned three speakers and conducted the role of the master very well inserting his comments between their speeches.

[2nd Speaker: TM Y-san] Speech Title: “The Coming Robot Revolution, but….”

Her topic is about the role of AI or robotics. It seems that our society is moving toward DX. But recently, one of American famous company has decided on not using robots, but keeping their employees as people can be as effective as robots. We can still beat them!

[3rd Speaker: TM S-san] Speech Title: “I have a dream.”

In his speech, he shared his acting experiences in English plays with us by showing his lines and performances in them. The speech was really fun. He wants to perform a play with our Toastmasters Club members. We should start practicing!

■           Table Topics Session


■           Evaluation session

In the evaluation session, speech evaluators describe today’s speakers’ good points and areas for improvements. Evaluators always encourage speakers and give them constructive advice to improve their speeches further. Usually, these are spontaneous speeches as they listen to their actual speeches in the meeting for the first time. Giving effective advice for improvements is the most difficult part, but today’s evaluators mentioned good improvement points such as the importance of explaining the purpose of making impromptu speeches, or creating more attractive speech title.

■           Award session

The best speakers from Table Topics, prepared speeches, and evaluators are selected and awarded at the end of the meeting. Today, some of the speakers are disqualified because they exceeded their speech time allocated for them. It reminds us that time management is also an important part of making a good speech.

Congratulations on today’s excellent speeches!