The 224th Regular Meeting in English(2021/04/04)


224th regular meeting of Fuchu Toastmasters Club was held on 04 April 2021.

The second most unusual spring has come to us. The members of Fuchu Toastmasters Club gathered on-site and online to spend valuable time together.

■           Today’s word:”BALMY”

At the beginning of the meeting, one of participants introduced “Today’s Word”. Speakers can build up vocabulary by trying to use “Today’s Word” in their speeches.

■          Prepared Speech

A prepared speech is delivered based on the educational program provided by Toastmasters International. Speakers deliver a speech along purposes in the project such as “logical speech” and “effective way of speech”. The program gives us specific advice. Achieving the purposes step by step allows you to improve your speech skill.

[1st Speaker: TM K.T.] Speech Title: “Finding common ground?” 

The first speaker discussed the importance of finding common ground when negotiation is required. He introduced his experience that how he managed the company training under the COVID-19 situation. There were various opinions if on-line training or eLearning would be implemented. He successfully reached the common ground and determined how they roll out the training.

[2nd Speaker: TM M.T.] Speech Title: “My First Experience”

The second speaker introduced his experience about the Area Speech Contest. He participated in the Area Contest as a contestant for the first time. In his speech, the various episodes were shared such as he was struggling during the preparation, he upset when he saw other contestants on the day of the contest, and how he felt when he received the comments from audiences after the contest.

[3rd Speaker: TM M.F.] Speech Title: “Take A Step Forward”

The speaker shared her learnings from her experience at her work and discussed that there are opportunities for everyone to take a step forward to improve and grow ourselves in our everyday life. She also mentioned that it is important to keep ourselves open-minded to take a step forward.

■           Table Topics Session

Table topic speech is an impromptu speech. The Table Topics Master gives a topic of speeches and assigns a speaker. The speakers organize his/her ideas and make a two-minute-speech on the spot. The ability of quick response can be improved through the Table Topics Session.
Topic: April – Home/House
1. What is your episode of home moving?
2. What is the favorite point of your house?
3. What is the best city you have ever lived in?
4. Which city would you like to live in someday?

■           Evaluation session

In the evaluation session, speech evaluators describe today’s speakers’ good points and areas for improvements. Evaluators always encourage speakers and give them constructive advice to improve their speeches further. Usually, these are spontaneous speeches as they listen to their actual speeches in the meeting for the first time. Giving effective advice for improvements is the most difficult part, but today’s evaluators mentioned good improvement points such as the importance of explaining the purpose of making impromptu speeches, or creating more attractive speech title.

■           Award session

The best speakers from Table Topics, prepared speeches, and evaluators are selected and awarded at the end of the meeting. Today, some of the speakers are disqualified because they exceeded their speech time allocated for them. It reminds us that time management is also an important part of making a good speech. Congratulations on today’s excellent speakers!