The 258th Regular Meeting in English(2022/09/04)


Blog for the meeting on September 4th: English hybrid meeting

Congratulation! A new member has come to Fuchu TM. We had the introduction ceremony for TM K before education session. We’ve enjoyed today’s education sessions with our new member.

TMOD is TM HS.  He joined in the meeting online and proceed with a meeting smoothly.

■ Today’s word: Quite

TM MT chose “Quite” as Today’s word.

“Quite” has two meanings depending on the word that follows it: ‘a little, moderately but not very’ and ‘very, totally or completely’

■ Prepared Speeches

[1st Speaker: TM N] Speech Title: Weekend Farming.

She showed the eggplants that she grew at her speech. She grow vegetables on land that she rent. Her speech was about weekend farming. She made a speech about the wonders of agriculture for health and mental health.

[2nd Speaker : TM TY]Speech Title :Reason why I join TM club.

He did quite an nice Ice breaker speech. He was fluent in his speech in spite of his first speech. He needs to negotiate with many stake holders in English and Japanese at his work. So, he was interested in the TM. He won the best prepared speech award. “Congratulation”

[3rd Speaker : TM YD]Speech Title :Democracy to explain international relationship?

She analyzed the democracy and authoritarianism. Do you think the democracy is more peaceful than the authoritarianism? She pointed out the Iraq war, there was no weapon of mass destruction, which the US believed in Iraq. And she introduced the situation between the US and China and Soviet Union in 1972. The US and China had improved their relationship beyond their ideology and political systems. Her speech was very informative.

■ Table Topics Session(Impromptu speeches)

Today’s Table Topics Master was TM FS. She askes three topics related September.

On 1st Sept is disaster prevention day in Japan.

Q1:What three items are needed in disaster?

TM RN answered “Water”, “Food”, “Light”. I think so too. His speech was stand to reason.

On 3rd Sept is the Doraemon’s birth day.

Q2:What is the future invention you want?

TM TM answered “The Copter”, We say this Take-Copter in Japanese.

Tsukimi is a Japanese festival in which parties are held to view the harvest moon in Sept.

Q3:Do you want to go to the moon on spaceship?

TM SM answered he didn’t want to go to the moon.

If you were, what kind of speech would you give?

■ Evaluation session

The Toastmaster club doesn’t have any coach or trainer. We have many rolls, such as Timer, Vote counter, Ah-counter, Grammarian(and Blog writer). It’ll be a great opportunity to learn leadership. We had evaluation’s speech for each prepared speeches.TM RD won the best evaluation award. “Congratulation”

■ Award session

The best speech award is TM TY.

The best table topics speech award is TM RN.

The evaluation award is TM RD.

Congratulations to all award winners!