The 272nd Regular Meeting in English(2023/04/02)


Spring has come!!

[ Attendees ]   TMs : 12,     Guest : 1

[ Site ]   Conference room in Platz and online(Zoom and/or Slack)

The TMOD, TM T. opened today’s session, explained TMOD’s roles.

And each role owners explained their roles.

■Today‘s word : ‘’Profound’’

 TM M gave us the today’s word.

Today’s word “profound” meant “felt or experienced very strongly or in an extreme way”

or “showing a clear and deep understanding of serious matters” by Web Cambridge Dictionary.

■ Prepared Speeches

[1st speaker : TM A] Speech Title : Are there bugs that you want to touch like a cute animals?

He talked analytically and logically, but instinctively. It was profound!

Probably, all attendees remembered transition of feeling about bugs and cute animals from their childhood to adult.

[2nd speaker : TM Y] Speech Title : Orihime fulfills the wish to see someone far away

Perhaps no one was not able to understand what speaker tried to talk about from the title.

She talked one of the examples how new technologies, such as AI should be applied.

Her speech included a few specific real applications and speech was profound.

■Table Topics Session

Topic master TM T.  gave several topics and designated speaker gave a speech correspond to each topics.

[Topic 1 : What was your recent great buy?]

 TM N. talked about her black medium size bag.

[Topic 2: If you had great muscle, what kind of athlete would you like to be?]

TM M. would like to be a swimmer.

[Topic 3 : What is your morning routine?]

TM T. , he was early rising guy explained his morning routine.

[Topic 4 : What was your thing to do you began this year?]

 TM N. would like to become a good driver.  Because he bought a car last year but he had not driven a car long time.

 TM S. did not have a thing began to do this year. She began jogging last year, but she quitted it because of medical doctor’s suggestion.

■Evaluation session

The club does not have any teacher or instructor. But the club has very effective learning system to evaluate and improve.

General evaluator, TM S. gave overall evaluation and ran the session.

TM N. evaluated prepared speech by TM A.

TM S. evaluated prepared speech by TM Y.

Each evaluator gave good points, and point could be improved or suggestion.

■Award session 

The best speaker award went to TM A. for the prepared speech.

The best table topic speaker award went to TM N.

And the best evaluator award went to TM N.

Congratulations to all winners!  I am waiting for your next speech.

Finally, the guest gave us comments.

Next regular meeting is in Japanese, and will be held April 16th.

Let’s practice!! It is OK to make mistakes!!