The 282nd Regular Meeting in English(2023/09/03)


It is an abnormal weather in this summer. Japan metrological agency says that the average temperature in this summer is the highest in recorded history. Nevertheless, we, Fuchu toast master’s member, are not to be defeated by the heat!! And TM Ms.N got the certification of the presentation mastery Level 1. Conglutination!!

■Today‘s word :‘’distinguished’’

TM M introduced “distinguished” as the word of today. Eash Fuchu toast member has each distinguished point. Respecting each other encourages self-confidence.

■Prepared Speech session

We had two prepared speech speakers in today.

Firstly, TM K, His speech title was “Shall we pay more attention to data?”.

He referred the number of deaths form motor-vehicle accidents in 2022.

He emphasis the number is important, but we should consider it in proportion not just quantity. For instance, the number of traffic deaths in Tokyo is the third in all prefectures.

But the population in Tokyo is huge, so from the view of population ratio, Tokyo is a not dangerous traffic deaths city.

Secondly, TM Ms.N, Her speech title was “ Sugarcane in Okinawa”.

She visited to the Miyako Island in Okinawa prefecture. This island is famous for sugarcanes.

She introduced many things related sugarcanes, such as features of sugarcanes and social issues related aging productors. It was an informative speech.

■Table Topic Session

Table topic master was TM T. He used “Chat GPT” to come up with prepared speech related or seasonal topics. AI assistant gradually became normalized.” Awesome”.

■Evaluation session

Evaluation is the core of the Toastmasters educational program. Today’s two evaluators paid attention to the speaker’s goals for self-improvement. Evaluator’s feedback is significant to the improvement of our speeches.

■Award session 

We celebrated the best table topic speaker(TM Ms.S) ,the best evaluator(TM Mr.S) and best prepared speech speaker (TM Ms.N). Each speaker was “distinguished”.