The 260th Regular Meeting in English(2022/10/02)


Blog for the meeting on October 2nd: English hybrid meeting

TM TM explained our club condition before education session. He indicated that in meetings from today onwards, some members will need to play multiple roles. He encouraged us to take a proactive approach to the role.

■ Today’s word: Definitely

TM YT chose “Definitely” as Today’s word. This word means “without any doubt”.

■ Prepared Speeches

Today’s prepared speech was TM MS. He told me about his communication style. Regarding business reports, it is effective to communicate the results first. His business was conducted under strict discipline. We could easily imagine his attitude towards work from his humorous performance. He showed me how to use different communication depending on the other person.

■ Table Topics Session(Impromptu speeches)

Today’s Table Topics Master was TM TK. He enjoyed long ride bicycle trip last week.

All his questions were regarding his trip. He showed us the trip flow and the questions with slides.
I am always impressed with his creative ideas.
Q1: Please tell us your longest riding by bicycle in your life?
Q2: Please tell us your favorite hot spring.
Q3: What was your biggest luggage bringing on the public transportation?
Q4: What was your surprising accident when you got on public transportation?
Q5: What was your bad memory of getting on the busy train?
Q6: Do you have your favorite beer? If you have, please tell us the reason.
Q7: What kind of occasions do you usually have wine?
      TM MK told us his bad memory of wine.
Q8: Which do you like better, Udon or Soba, and why?
Q9: Please share your recent experience that you were exhausted.
Today he prepared 9 questions. It was definitely longest riding as topic master. good job!

■ Evaluation session

The Toastmaster club doesn’t have any coach or trainer. TM TM evaluated to prepared speech. He told us three good points and one suggestion.

■ Award session

The best speech award is TM MS.
The best table topics speech award is TM MK
The evaluation award is TM TM.
Congratulations to all award winners!