The 266th Regular Meeting in English(2023/01/08)


Blog for the meeting on January 8th

I hope you have a great year!

With 5 guests, the first regular meeting of the year was held in a conference room and online hybrid. A new member, TM M.  was brought on board with a unanimous vote in favor. He shared his past experiences in English communication and expressed his determination. Welcome aboard!

Then the TMOD, TM S. opened today’s session presenting her new year resolutions that included.

■Today‘s word : ‘’Amazing’’

Today’s word was ‘’Amazing’’, a very useful word for the new year and was spoken widely during the session by many members.

■ Prepared Speeches

[ 1st Speaker : TM K]  Speech Title : What is the U.S. measure league baseball society. 

He enthusiastically talked about major leaguer Ohtani’s performance last year. Attention was focused on who won the award, Ohtani or Aaron. He was calling ‘’Amazing, Amazing, Amazing’’ in his speech.

[2nd Speaker : TM T] Speech Title : I was A Contestant.

He talked about his experience of the evaluation contest that He participated in last year and how he held an evaluation workshop based on that experience. It was a speech that conveyed the tension while waiting for his turn in the evaluation contest, because he knows how to pause with the words.

[3rd Speaker :  TM Y] Speech Title : Understanding Different Type of Dementia.

TM Y researched the types of dementia and provided information. It was easy to understand it because of beautiful graphics and organized information. It was a good opportunity to think about the dementia and what should we be careful about.

■Table Topics Session

Table Topics session is an impromptu speech session. Speakers give an impromptu speech for 1-2 minutes, in response to the question from Table Topic master. Today’s Table topic master was TM S, Who came up with three topics related to the new year.

TM T. talked about training to maintain strength and keep his healthy condition.

TM M.S. talked that he will get a qualification of the computer security.

TM M talked about activities related SDGs, that not buy unnecessary things.

■Evaluation session

The Toastmasters club doesn’t have any coach or trainer, but we have a good learning environment to teach mutually: TM T. ran the session as the General Evaluator.  

TM Y, A, and N each evaluated the prepared speech of the person in charge.

They conveyed and expressed their respect to the person who gave the speech about the good points and the points that they felt could be improved.

■Award session 

The best speech award went to the TM Y for the prepared speech, and TM T for the table topic speech. Best evaluator was awarded to TM Y. Congratulations to all award winners! I look forward to your next speech.

Finally, we received comments from each guest. We are practicing according to the motto ‘’Let’s practice. It’s all right to make mistakes’’.