The 270th Regular Meeting in English(2023/03/05)


The season has come when you no longer need a thick coat.

We are pleased to announce that we have two new members joining our club.

■Today‘s word : ‘’Endemic’’

TM Y chose “endemic” as Today’s word.

This role provides members with opportunities to use new words.

■ Prepared Speeche session

The 1st speaker: TM N.

The purpose of his today’s speech was a social speech.

He gave a speech showing his feelings for our club.

The Fuchu Toastmasters Club appreciates that it accepts a wide variety of people, both good speaker and bad speaker.

He learned new information that he didn’t know before.

I think that such speeches are encouraging to both new and veteran members.


The 2nd speaker: TM S.

He shows one scene from “Kita no kuni kara”.

The words and phrases in dramas and movies can sometimes move us strongly.

By becoming a favorite of such words and phrases, you can naturally remember them.

He gave us a story that contained useful information that we could easily imitate.


The 3rd speaker: TM K.

He tried to give a speech on the same theme as the last meeting.

He gave us information about maritime transportation.

He had worked about it for 30 years around Tokyo Bay area.

According to him, the number of huge container ships has increased compared to the past, and the time required for unloading by gantry cranes has become shorter.


■Table Topics Session

Today’s Table Topics Master was TM N. She chose some topics that was appropriate for the time.

Some of her topics gave me an opportunity to review my own lifestyle.


No.1.Where would you like to live without any worrying.

No.2.Do you want to start something new.

No.3.Where would you to go on a trip in spring?

■Evaluation session

The Toastmaster club doesn’t have any coach or trainer.

Three evaluators each provided positive points and suggestions for each of the three prepared speech speakers.

■Award session 

We have selected the best speaker, the best table topics speaker award, the best evaluator.

Congratulations to all award winners!