The 276th Regular Meeting in English(2023/06/04)


Friday’s typhoon was gone and we have a sunny sky again. Today’s meeting is held with a small group of 7 members, but have a guest from India! It is always good to have new guests!

■Today‘s word :‘’accommodating’’

TM M learned this word in his English lesson. He wanted to learn a new word to mean kind or friendly. We don’t often use the word, accommodating, but several challengers used the word smoothly in their speech. Good for them!

■Prepared Speech session

We had two prepared speakers Today.

The 1st speaker is TM K.Y. This is his second speech after he joined this club. He is eager to make speeches and is improving his speech skills.  Today, he made good eye contact with the audience and the evaluator pointed out this improvement.

The 2nd speaker is TM T.E. She talked about her co-workers in her workplace. Most of her colleagues are women, and according to her, they are energetic and harsh. TM T.E. thinks that she is a friendly and team-oriented person, and she can learn a lot from them.

■Table Topic Session

Today’s table topic master is TM M.T. Luckily, she prepared many topics and was able to give different topics to the members appointed. We had less participants today and had lots of time for this session.

<Today’s topics>

①    If you could learn another language, which one do you want to?

②    How many hours a day do you study English?

③    Teach me your ways how you study English every day.

④    Tell me your favorite actor or actress.

⑤    Tell me your motto.

⑥    There are so many world heritages in the world. Where in those do you want to visit?

⑦    Which period do you like in the Japanese history?

⑧    Actually, I got promoted last month. I was wondering if you could encourage me about the promotion.

■Evaluation session

The Toastmasters club doesn’t have any coach or trainer. But we have peers to give positive feedback to each other.

Today’s evaluators, TM T.M. and TM T.K., are both experienced members in Fuchu and gave the new members encouraging feedback for making the next speeches.

■Award session 

We have selected the best Table Topic speaker, the best Evaluator, and the best prepared speaker Today.

Congratulations to all the awarded winners!