The 280th Regular Meeting in English(2023/08/06)


The weather was still sweltering. The members of Fuchu TMC joined the meeting of No.280 in the city center of Fuchu on 6th of August 2023. After some announcement from TM T, the TMOD (Today’s Master Of the Day) TM R controlled the educational sessions as below.

■Today‘s word :‘’No experience in the past’’

TM T gave the word “No experience in the past” to the attendees. All the TMs were keen on to use the word.

■Prepared Speech session

There were three speakers.

The first speaker was TM T. It was about T’s impression of the film namely “Sunflower”. The film was made more than half century ago. However, it seems to have some messages to the audience of today.

The second speaker was TM F. It was about the explanation of financial matters for our club. We had already received the explanation formally in advance. And today’s speech was very clear and easy to understand.

The third speaker was TM K. It was about relaxing somehow. TM K made the speech by showing the phots of foreign cousins such as the Peruvian dishes to the attendees, and they were very beautiful and looked so delicious.

■Table Topic Session

Recently the world women’s football tournament has been carried out in New Zealand and Australia, and the Japanese team namely “Nadeshiko (dianthus) Japan” had the great achievement in the match. The session master set out the topic was “New Zealand / Australia”. The TMs responding to the topics did their best.

■Evaluation session

The evaluators gave fruitful advice to the TMs who delivered the speeches in the prepared session. One of them had given two evaluations for two speakers.

■Award session 

In the session, the best speakers were selected by voting and awarded from the TMOD at the end of the meeting. All the attendees applauded to the winners.