The 252nd Regular Meeting in English(2022/06/05)


Blog for the meeting on June 5th: English hybrid meeting

We had a hybrid English meeting on June 5. This time, TMOD was a native English speaker. But he spoke clearly and slowly. So, we had very understandable English meeting on the day.

■ Word of the Day: extremely

The purpose of “Word of the day” is to increase your vocabulary. Members should try to use this word as many times as possible in the meeting.

The word was “extremely “. She who is in charge of “today’s word” came up with this word cited extreme weather we have these days. We recently have local heavy rain, flood or high temperature due to global warming. I hope no more natural disaster happens in the world.

■ Prepared Speech

Prepared Speech is a speech in accordance with manuals published by Toastmasters International. A speaker shall make a speech based on the
objectives on the manuals. In the meeting, we had two prepared speakers.

The first speaker made a speech for introducing herself. She spoke confidently and smoothly. She joined our club last month, though. Anybody who joined the club make an introduction speech called “ice breaker”. You can’t believe this was her first speech in Fuchu TMC.

She did make an awesome first speech.

The second speaker made speech about his hobby. He introduced us about his several hobbies and what he learned from them. The speech topic is so concrete and familiar that we enjoyed his speech very much. Many members asked him about his hobbies at Q&A time.

■ Table Topics 

Table Topics is a style of instant and impromptu speeches. The Table Topics master gives the audience a topic and assign a member as a speaker. The speaker MUST speak about the topic in two minutes. It’s a good practice to develop quick response skills. In this session, Table Topics master gave us four topics as shown in below,

・What do you usually do on rainy holidays ?

・Which do you prefer, a regular umbrella or holding umbrella ?

・Please tell us your tips on avoiding wetting your body and belongings on rainy days?

・Please tell us your good memory of the rainy days.

・Please tell us your extremely bad memory of the rainy days.

・Please tell us your favorite songs related to rain.

Comment: Today’s topics are related to “rain” because we have rainy season in July. We had so much time on that day that a lot of members were assigned and answered. Table topic master showed the topics on the screen. It helped us to understand the topics.

■ Evaluation

In Evaluation session, the evaluators pointed out strong points of the
prepared speeches and gave suggestions to the prepared speakers to make the speeches better.