The 256th Regular Meeting in English(2022/08/07)


Blog for the meeting on August 7th: English hybrid meeting

We had An English meeting on August 7. We have been having unordinary hot days these days. We had as a hot meeting in a conference room as outside.

■ Today’s word: Remarkable

The purpose of “Word of the day” is to increase our vocabulary. Members should try to use this word as many times as possible in the meeting.

The word was “Remarkable”. This word was good choice because you can use this word for so many nouns when you want to praise something. For example “remarkable speech” “remarkable comment”.  So this word is very useful for your English.

■ Prepared Speech session

Prepared Speech is a speech in accordance with manuals published by Toastmasters International. A speaker shall speak a speech based on the objectives on the manuals. In the meeting, we had three prepared speakers.

The first speaker spoke about his hobby collecting Gemstones. I didn’t know such a hobby exist. He showed us a big gemstone of jade he found in a river before. It was a fist size and white color. He spoke us he liked fishing before, He is a genuine outdoor guy!

The second speaker spoke about “Graphic recorder”. She told us it was very effective and useful that using graphic in meeting or discussion to discuss. Illustrations in the slides she used in the speech were so cute.

The third speaker spoke about “English meeting”. He spoke about the reason why he joins English meetings although he doesn’t usually speak English in his daily life. He spoke very carefully and clearly. So It was very understandable speech to listen.

■ Table Topics session

Table Topics is a style of instant and impromptu speeches. The Table Topics master gives the audience a topic and assign a member as a speaker. The speaker MUST speak about the topic in two minutes. It’s a good practice to develop quick response skills.
In this session, Table Topics master gave us these topics as shown in below,

・which do you want to climb ?  Mt. Fuji or Mt. Takao

・which do you want to have near your house ? Drug store or 100yen shop

・which do you like paying ?  by cash or by electronic money


Comment: All table topics were so interesting!  In this meeting, The Table Topics Master gave us “choice A or B” style question. So it was easy to answer for English beginners. Good idea!  Table Topic Master Mr. A !

■ Evaluation session

In Evaluation session, the evaluators pointed out strong points of the
prepared speeches and gave suggestions to the prepared speakers to make the speeches better.